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12.45 - 2.45 pm

In this course, you will get lots of tips about working with your budget spreadsheet such as how to total between the sheets, how to make your formula work, and how to make a copy of an existing sheet.


Tuesday, 17 October 2023


The Costessey Centre, Longwater Lane, Costessey NR8 5AH


Helen Fooks


£48 subscribers | £60 non-subscribers

Why you need to attend?

Are you using spreadsheets for your council finances? This course will show you how to total figures from different sheets, which is useful when preparing your budgets. We will also make a simple graph to show your expenditure for each section, as well as recapping on formula, and giving you lots of hints and tips.  We will also look at using filters and lists.

Who should attend?

Parish Clerks and Councillors who are using Excel to produce spreadsheets for council finances.

What 3 tricky questions would be answered?

What’s the quickest way to copy an Excel sheet?

How can I use a filter to see what has been spent on one item?

How can I use a total figures from different sheets?

What will you learn?

Recap on formula and formats

Moving and copying between sheets

Working with totals between different sheets

Creating a graph

How to use filters and lists

This session will be led by Helen Fooks of Vue IT Training who has many years' experience of teaching Word and Excel.


Helen always receives great feedback from people who have booked onto her online 1-2-1 Word for Website Accessibility courses and her Hints and Tips Word and Excel courses.

Helen received a 100% feedback score the last time she ran an Excel course for us

Within the first 6 minutes I had said 'I didn't know that' twice. Fantastic basic course and left me wanting the next session.
Really enjoyed learning the new things.
Excellent by presenter and backup staff also assistance from a fellow course member.
Thanks again, Helen, great course!


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