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10 am - 12.30 pm

Parish and Town Councils have a duty and they also have a power! This course explains the complex legal background to allotments and the formalities in running them.  It explains the managing of allotments and the problems which can occur, and how best to deal with them.  Attendees benefit from receiving useful template documents as part of the course.


Wednesday, 9 November 2022


Roxley Hall, 66 Yarmouth Road, Thorpe St Andrew NR7 0QF


Di Dann


£48 subscribers | £60 non-subscribers

This course will cover:

  • Legal background

  • How to go about finding allotments

  • How to set up an allotment site

  • How best to manage an allotment site

  • How to deal with those tricky situations which can arise on allotments (and avoiding issues arising in the future)

The course tutor, Di Dann, has many years experience of managing allotments as a Town Clerk and is a keen allotment holder herself.

This course is recommended for Clerks and their Deputies, and also Councillors who are part of an Allotment Committee.


We'll send you joining instructions a few days before the session is due to be held.

Comments from our last allotments course held in March 2022:

A really good refresher session.
Very informative and clear and clarified ‘grey areas’.
Helpful to clarify what you knew/thought you knew but that might have been forgotten over time.
Very helpful and great to refresh.
Great content, well delivered.
A great session for the council. It was super helpful.
Knowledgeable, informative, welcoming, thank you.
Well delivered, aims met.
Interesting and informative, as a new councillor it filled in a few gaps in my knowledge.


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