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10 am - 12.15 pm

We all know that councils must meet in order to make decisions so agendas are a key tool in local council management. This course will look at best practice models and give you tips on how to create really professional-looking agendas that are modern and clear. This course is recommended for all Clerks who are looking for inspiration to improve their council agendas.


Monday, 24 April 2023


Held online


Luisa Cantera


£40 for subscribers | £50 for non-subscribers

Course content

Getting organised - collating the information needed to draft an agenda 

Compiling the agenda – the order, wording and that all-important professional style and layout

The no-nos - things that we think you shouldn't include on an agenda (the list is quite long)!

Getting ready for your council meeting - ways to share accompanying documents with councillors and publishing the agenda

By the end of this course you will

Be able to create fresh and modern-looking agendas that are fit-for-purpose for the 21st century

Feel more organised about the agenda-setting process

Understand the legal requirements in relation to the publication of agendas


We'll send you a link via email a day or two before the session is due to be held, so you can just click on the link to join in. You'll need a laptop, tablet or smartphone with a camera.

This course received a 100% satisfaction rating the last time it was held.

Feedback from attendees:

I enjoyed the course very much. The other clerks were lovely. I could have gobbled up all of your time with questions! Great content.

Nothing needs improving - it was perfect!

Brilliant, as always.

Very good. Helpful to hear what others clerks do. Some very useful info.

Brilliant, very beneficial and really enjoyed it. I have a better understanding and learnt so much.

It was well designed, ran at a pace for all, continually checked understanding with all delegates.

Most beneficial.

Very useful and I was able to set up my next agenda for the next Town Council with no changes from the Town Clerk.


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