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Luisa Cantera is the new County Mentoring Officer for the Society of Local Council Clerks (SLCC).  Her aim is to make contact with new clerks in Norfolk and support them during their first six to twelve months in the profession.  The main benefit of this mentoring programme is to help settle new clerks into their roles quickly and therefore assist councils with retention of clerks.  It is well-known that too many clerks who are unsupported leave the profession early.


If you are a new clerk and you haven't yet heard from Luisa then please give her a call.  This basic support is free and most contact is via email or telephone, although the new clerk might prefer an initial meeting.  Luisa can put new clerks in touch with an experienced more local clerk who can also assist with support (this would be a member of the Norfolk Branch of the SLCC).  


It can be a lonely and bewildering job, especially if you work alone from home as I do, so knowing there is someone on the end of the phone when you are not sure about something is invaluable. 

A clerk recently supported by Luisa

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