No longer the Annual Return!  For the 2017-18 annual reporting of the accounts, this form will be known as the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR).  For smaller 'Exempt' Councils there is a new page layout to the AGAR.  These councils, where gross income or gross expenditure is £25,000 or less, may be able to opt to have no external audit.  They must complete an Exemption Certificate and be fully transparent.  


This two-hour course is recommended for all Clerks/Responsible Financial Officers of smaller councils (with finances under £25,000) that want support in understanding the new AGAR, how to confirm an exemption from external audit and learn whether their council is adhering to the transparency code rules.


Course content


  • The new layout for AGAR

  • The Exemption Certificate

  • An explanation of the boxes to be completed in AGAR and identifying where those figures come from in your year-end accounts

  • Other year-end documents needed

  • Avoiding common pitfalls when completing the AGAR

  • Details of documents that should be uploaded onto your Council’s website

  • The importance of the Electors’ Rights Notice

  • Transparency – a refresher on what needs to go on your council’s website

When & where

This course last ran in March 2018

£35 includes refreshments, course handouts and a certificate

(20% discount for NPTS subscribers)


Di Dann at Bawdeswell


Course feedback from the 2018 course was 100% satisfaction.


Clerks can gain 1 CPD point from attending this course.

Details of our booking process, payment and cancellation policy can be found on the Training page.

01603 857004


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