Our most well-attended seminar yet!

23 September 2022


Our most well-attended seminar yet!

On 20 September 2022, over 40 clerks and councillors from around Norfolk came to our Essential Update Seminar. There were lots of new faces as well as familiar faces - thank you to everyone who contributed.

Our seminar included:


  • Budgeting

  • What happens when a travellers' encampment turns up in your parish (no slides available for this topic)

  • Update on the code of conduct

  • How Mundesley Parish Council is helping its community by setting up a Warm Winter Hub

  • Demystifying the sometimes complicated relationship between councils and charities

Several attendees asked to refer to the slides from the event:

Seminar Presentation 22 September 2022 (PDF, 49MB)

Photo is of one of the afternoon break-out sessions led by Julie King.