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From time to time, parish councils need to advertise for and recruit a new clerk. This is an important appointment, so it's vital that the best candidates are encouraged to apply. Identifying and recruiting the right person can be challenging for councillors with little or no direct experience of formal recruitment processes.  The successful candidate will usually need support and training to settle into the role - ideally paving the way for years of excellent service to the council.

If you are a Norfolk Parish or Town Council we can advertise your vacancies on our website.  Just send us the advert and we’ll post it on our website.  We’ll also tweet your vacancy and include it in an email update to parish and town councils.  We do not charge a fee for this.

We can also assist you with the recruitment of your new clerk.  We can help right from the start with:


  • writing the job advert

  • writing the job description and person specification

  • choosing where to advertise

  • selecting the right candidates for interview

  • being involved in the interview process

  • helping you to prepare the employment contract

  • induction, mentoring and training of your new staff


We can help with all or some of this – whatever you need we can be there.  This is a chargeable service so please contact us for further details.




Luisa helped Lyng Parish Council to recruit a clerk.  The council was finding it difficult to attract candidates so Luisa prepared an eye-catching flyer and poster and advised the council where to advertise.  The marketing worked and several excellent candidates applied.  Camilla, Chair to the Council, said, “Luisa kindly offered to assist us with the interview process and together we prepared a great list of interview questions. Luisa has been a huge help to us in a time of difficulty. Always helpful and well informed, Luisa has gone out of her way to use her knowledge and experience to assistant the Council. Thank you so much Luisa.”​

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