Beware of email scam

We've been asked by Loddon Parish Council to let you know about a recent email scam. Loddon Parish Councillors were contacted several times from an email address that they thought was from a fellow councillor but in fact it was a scammer. They infiltrated group email discussions between councillors resulting in councillors being asked to purchase gift cards for a family member on behalf of the scammer. Unfortunately, a parish councillor was scammed out of £300. Loddon PC has asked that you encourage your councillors to always be vigilant when responding to group emails - always check the email to, cc and bcc line to see if the email addresses are the usual ones and of course not purchase a gift card, transfer money, pass on personal information, just on the basis of an email exchange. Councillors believe that their email addresses were taken from their website. Interestingly, the clerk was not included in the email group discussion. The email address used by the scammer was

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