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If your website was built before September 2019, it will almost certainly require a little work to bring it up to full compliance with the new Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No.2) Accessibility Regulations 2018. You must in any case ensure that your site is WCAG 2.1 AA compliant by 23 September 2020 in order to comply with the law, and that you have written and made available on your site a Website Accessibility Statement. Websites built after 23 September 2019 must be compliant from new.


The good news is that WIX users are likely to be partially compliant already, with a little work required to achieve full compliance. If you are comfortable doing this work yourself, you might find the above links useful to get you started.


If you would like some assistance with this, Our Associate Steve Jackman will be pleased to help by:


  • Testing your site using the Website Accessibility Evaluation Tool (WAVE)

  • Making whatever fixes are needed to the design and structure of your site to achieve AA compliance

  • Adding a simple Accessibility Statement

  • Providing a short report detailing the test results, changes made and advice on techniques and practises to help you maintain and improve future compliance


Steve charges a fee of £45 for this work, for existing WIX users. Users of other platforms (such as Norfolk Parishes) should contact their provider for help if they need it. If building a new (compliant) website might be a better option, Steve can help here too.


You will also probably need to make some changes to how you work with Word documents which are destined for the website in PDF format. WikiHow has some useful advice on making accessible Word documents


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