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7 - 9 pm

If you've been a councillor for a while and feel you could benefit from an update on your role, responsibilities and what's new in local government, this course is for you (even if you didn't attend our induction course first). This councillor refresher course explores key topics in detail to help you feel more confident in your role. 


Thursday, 6 June 2024


Held online


Julie King


£40 for subscribers | £50 for non-subscribers

Course content

Meetings - public participation, agendas, minutes, meeting etiquette, voting and more

Understanding the code of conduct and declaration of interests

Elections, co-option and welcoming new councillors

Data protection - understanding the basics

Employment law and how to look after your staff

If you are looking for an update on planning as a topic, we recommend you attend our Understanding Planning course.

If you would like to learn more about council finance, we recommend you attend our Understanding Councils Finances courese.


We'll send you a link via email a day or two before the session is due to be held, so you can just click on the link to join in.

100% satisfaction rating from recent attendees

It was very well directed towards what I needed to know.

I found last night's session informative, straightforward, nicely balanced towards informality.

I found Julie to both engaging and knowledgeable. Her approach to a very mixed audience was very well balanced.

Very well presented, in a professional, friendly, approachable manner .Everyone had the chance to contribute, both with questions and comments. However long anyone had served as a Councillor there were issues which gave food for thought and could improve the way some things are done, for everyone's benefit. I found it particularly useful that the number of participants was quite small. It was also useful/interesting to hear from other parishes how they are run. Thank you, Julie, the time passed pretty quickly, no clock-watching, and I was interested all the way through. The coffee break was well timed and very welcome.


After all the years on the council it is always useful to be reminded of why we are on the council and our duties. It was a good refresher evening. Thank you .


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