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10 am - 12 pm

Councillors receive numerous documents with the agenda to read ahead of the next meeting, including reports from the Clerk. But how do you make sure your reports are read and understood? If your reports are too wordy or unclear, overly formal and have a poor layout they won't be given the time they deserve - after all you've taken the time to research and write these reports! We'll give you tips on how to write well-designed reports that have the right content, layout, style and length. 


Friday, 12 March 2021


Hosted as an online session


Luisa Cantera


£36 for subscribers | £45 for non-subscribers

Course content

Preparation - how to prepare for writing a report, including identifying who it's for and its purpose, and what research you need to undertake before you can start writing

Using a structure - order your report carefully so that it guides the reader through your report logically

Using pictures and charts  

Using good punctuation and grammar, plain English and a consistent layout and style for all of your reports

Proof-reading your report ahead of sending it out

Asking for feedback from readers to help you to improve

By the end of this course you will

Feel confident about tackling your next report with a logical structure and clear style

This course is recommended for all Clerks who are looking for inspiration to improve their reports to council.


We'll send you a link via email a day or two before the session is due to be held, so you can just click on the link to join in. You'll need a laptop, tablet or smartphone with a camera; if you haven't tried this technology before that's fine - we'll happily conduct a quick test session with you the day before if you like.

This course is new


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